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Ship with the lowest rates

Deeply discounted rates with top national and global carriers with 60+ integrations.

Fast and easy

Axel Ship ensures a seamless and effortless onboarding experience, enabling brands to scale their businesses while simultaneously reducing shipping costs through our turnkey integrations with major eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, ShipStation, and more.

We simplify the process of incorporating your existing carrier accounts, customizing your shipping labels, and integrating your customer user base to our platform, to provide a hassle-free experience.

Automate your
shipping process

Axel Ship simplifies your shipping process by allowing you to connect all your carriers in one place and compare rates quickly, ensuring that you get the best discounts. Our platform streamlines the process of generating bulk and individual labels for online orders.


  • Lower shipping costs for both the business and customers
  • Access to a range of carriers and shipping options
  • Negotiation of volume discounts with carriers
  • Expertise in optimizing shipping operations

Features and Benefits

  • No Platform Fee
  • No Per Label Fee
  • Unlimited Labels
  • Best USPS Discounts
  • Branded Labels
  • Email / Phone Customer Support
  • 10+ User Accounts
  • Web App
  • API Access
  • Global Carrier Discounts
  • Use Your Negotiated Rates
  • Unlimited Carrier Accounts
  • Rates at a Glance
  • Unlimited Platform Integrations
  • API: Orders Endpoint
  • API: Batch Endpoint
  • Multi-piece Shipments
  • Insurance
  • U.S. Address Validation
  • Global Address Validation
  • Best in Class Uptime
  • Integration Specialist
  • A La Carte Package Tracking
  • A La Carte Address Verification

How to get started


Get in touch

Tell us about your business and logistics needs

Analyze shipping data

Find room for savings by optimizing carriers and services

Start Saving!

Connect your eCommerce store and start shipping

Axel Ship Advantage

We specialize in the outbound shipping strategy for B2B, B2C, service, wholesale, supplier, or e-commerce businesses.

Being in business for over 20 years, we have seen success across all industries including perishable, non-perishable goods, textiles, apparel, equipment, and more.  With our fulfillment center and 3PL partners, we help businesses with end-to-end logistics fulfillment and distribution.


Axel Ship has transformed our shipping and delivery operations. They saved us money with cost-saving strategies and delivered products faster than ever. Their customer service is unmatched, always friendly and professional.

Apparel Brand • Los Angeles, CA