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Shipping Contract

Unlock Exclusive Cost Savings: Leverage Our Expertise to Skillfully Negotiate Optimal Discounts with Carriers.

Get the most out of carriers

UPS and FedEx pricing structures can feel inflexible, but our specialized services are here to level the playing field. With our deep understanding and expertise, we skillfully navigate the complexities, helping you secure cost-effective prices and favorable contract terms.

Through thorough analysis of your business and leveraging shipping data, we unlock better rates and discounted shipping, empowering your bottom line.

Boost Your Bottom Line

Maximize Your Shipping Contracts with Our Expert Negotiation Services. From UPS, FedEx, DHL, to other leading parcel carriers, we leave no money unclaimed for your business. Our seasoned negotiators meticulously review your contracts, pricing schedules, surcharges, invoices, and freight class ratings. Drawing upon our extensive industry experience and expertise, we navigate the complexities to secure services, rates, and contract terms that propel your business forward.

Experience a strengthened, mutually beneficial relationship with your carrier, fueling growth and optimizing your bottom line.

A Better Way to Navigate Negotiations

Let Us Shoulder the Burden While You Reap the Benefits. At AxelShip, we understand that time and money are valuable resources. Don’t navigate the negotiation process alone—our dedicated team is here to assist.

Leveraging our expansive network, profound industry knowledge, and expertise, we match you with contract negotiators who are tailor-made for your unique business requirements. Experience a reduction in transportation expenses while forging a mutually advantageous relationship with your carrier, all with the peace of mind that AxelShip has got you covered.

Our Process

Audit and Analyze Data

We’ll break down your shipping volume, inventory, location, specific needs, and other data points.

Optimize Rates

We’ll search out the hidden fees and other misaligned terms, ensuring they’re more favorable for your business.

On Your Terms

We’ll find the most ideal rates based on your data, walk you through the proposal and negotiation process, and secure a better pricing contract.

How to get started


Get in touch

Tell us about your business and logistics needs

Analyze shipping data

Find room for savings by optimizing carriers and services

Start Saving!

Connect your eCommerce store and start shipping

Axel Ship has transformed our shipping and delivery operations. They saved us money with cost-saving strategies and delivered products faster than ever. Their customer service is unmatched, always friendly and professional.

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