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Maximize Savings
with LTL Shipping

Streamlined Delivery Solutions for eCommerce, D2C, and B2B: Seamless Large Parcel Transport.

What Is LTL Shipping?

Efficient Solutions for Small Package and Freight Transportation: Unlock Savings with Less-than-Truckload (LTL) Shipping. Seamlessly share trailer space, known as capacity sharing, to maximize cost-effectiveness while enjoying a range of added advantages tailor-made for small businesses.

  • Small package and freight transportation
  • Cost-effective LTL shipping
  • Capacity sharing benefits
  • Efficient solutions for businesses
  • Maximizing savings and advantages

Business Benefits with LTL

Unlock the Benefits of LTL Shipping: Your Ideal Choice for eCommerce, Small Businesses, and Small Shipments. Experience Remarkable Cost Savings through Capacity Sharing, paying only for the trailer space you utilize. Enhance Package Security with Palletized or Crated Goods. Enjoy Added Flexibility with Expedited Shipping, Lift Gate, Tracking, and More for a Convenient LTL Shipping Experience.

Scale with LTL Shipping

Accelerate Your Business Expansion with Streamlined LTL Shipping Solutions. Seamlessly Scale Without Missing a Step. Instant Rates, Reliable Carrier Network, and Transparent Communication from Our Dedicated Logistics Team Ensure Smooth Operations and Rapid Growth.

  • Fast and straightforward LTL shipping
  • Seamless business growth
  • Transparent communication
  • Dedicated logistics support

Specialized Services

Expedited Shipping

From overnight to 3-day, find carries that can make the quick delivery.


Most LTL shipping carriers offer real-time tracking for your and your customers’ convenience.


We’ll help you find carriers that can provide an extra hand with excellent care for your package.

Limited Access

Carrier that can bring your delivery indoors.

How to get started


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Find room for savings by optimizing carriers and services

Start Saving!

Connect your eCommerce store and start shipping

Axel Ship has transformed our shipping and delivery operations. They saved us money with cost-saving strategies and delivered products faster than ever. Their customer service is unmatched, always friendly and professional.

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